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  • Susie Kearley

    Susie Kearley

    Freelance writer, author, animal lover. Qualified in nutrition, psychology, marketing, MBA. I cover writing, animals, history, travel, health, wellbeing & more.

  • Bridget Vaughn

    Bridget Vaughn

    Bridget Vaughn is a Freelance Writer, Poet, Yoga Teacher, Single Mom, and Nature Enthusiast, with a passion for creating meaningful heartfelt content.

  • Blair Mastbaum

    Blair Mastbaum

    Writer/enthusiast/misanthrope currently stationed in Andalusia, focusing on culture, language, travel, food&drink, and change.

  • Heather Lavender

    Heather Lavender

    So you want to hear a couple of general and useless tweets?

  • Miyabi's Movie Diary

    Miyabi's Movie Diary

    I am a movie, drama and game fanatic. I try to introduce the movies I recommend. Thank you for reading.

  • Eli Casablanca

    Eli Casablanca

    Stories about life and ghosts and love and robots and sex and violence and beauty and peace and pain and the universe and the soft warm palm of your hand…

  • Katelyn Nelson

    Katelyn Nelson

    Katelyn Nelson’s writing interests lean mostly toward pop culture analysis and representation. She tweets @24th_Doctor, mostly about horror.

  • Erin Thomassen

    Erin Thomassen

    Makerspace Coordinator, STEM Curriculum Designer, Runner, Dancer. Likes to write songs while cycling in sunny CA.

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